Multi-Tabling Strategy

Multi-Tabling has become ever more popular in the online poker world. For one, if you can be a winner at one table, why not play 3 tables or 4? Secondly, since most solid players are busily folding most starting hands, it can become quite boring for our short attention spans. Multi-tabling is a way to keep our minds occupied.

The larger question that should be asked when deciding whether or not multi-tabling is for you is whether or not it is profitable for you as an individual. To make this determination you will need to chart your progress separately for single and multi table sessions. This is simple enough to do with a note pad and pen. Write down how much you started a session with and how much you finished and how long the session was. This will over time show you how much you are making per hour. If you track multi table and single table sessions separately, you will be able to tell if it is more profitable and worth the effort.

Suggestions and Notes

Either use a free tracking system like or go with the most popular purchased software, This will take some of the stress off of the tracking process, and will give you results at a quick glance, as all the calculations are crunched for you.

You will only be able to fully concentrate your entire skills by playing one single table. Most players recognize that their average win rate per table will go down, but after crunching the numbers find that the total win rate multi-tabling with their "B" game is higher than the win rate achieved by playing their best game at only one table at a time.