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Texas Holdem Terms

Common Poker Terms

All in

Betting all the chips or cash left in front of you on the table.

Belly Buster

An inside straight draw.


Betting with a hand that you do not feel is the best hand in an attempt to steal the pot

Calling Station

A player who is very passive and will not give up on a hand, no matter how woefully behind.


The last of any particular rank.

Changing Gears

To consciously change the style of your play to either speed up or slow down in aggressiveness.


Choosing not to bet when the action is on you. You can not check when someone prior to you has bet.

Check and Raise

To check with the intentions to raise after someone behind you bets. This is a strategic move done for a variety reasons, and is sometimes not allowed in home games.


A slang term for "underdog," meaning your hand is currently behind.


An inside straight draw. Example: You hold 9, 10, Q, K, and need the jack to fill your straight.

Ignorant End

Having the low end of a straight, vs. opponents higher straight.


Your side card that helps determine the value of your hand. Aces king kicker would beat Aces queen kicker.


To enter the pot for the minimum bet pre-flop


A very aggressive poker player who plays, bets and raises with many hands others would fold


The best hand possible for a particular board


Cards that would give you the best hand. Example if you have a 4 flush, then there are nine cards left in your suit that would give you a flush. This would be considered "9 outs" for a flush.


Worthless cards; a worthless hand.


To increase the bet.


To raise an already raised pot

Ring Game

A non-tournament game, also called a cash game.


A very tight player


Bluffing with what is probably not the best hand, but a hand that has outs to possibly improve and become the best hand.


A habit a player has that gives away the strength of his hand. Generally this is physical, but an astute player can also pick up "online tells," in many cases.


To play a very good hand slowly to induce another player to be aggressive, in an attempt to take even more of his/her chips.