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Texas Holdem - Limit vs. No-Limit

No Limit Texas Holdem is the most popular and most televised form of poker today. The rules of the game are basically the same as Limit Texas Holdem, with the exception of the betting limits. As we learned in the basic Rules of Texas Holdem, a particular limit might be expressed as 10/20 limit. You will also come across 10/20 No Limit. In limit Hold'em, the numbers represent the minimum and maximum bets that can be made. In no limit however, these numbers only represent the minimum bet. There is no maximum. At any time when it is your turn to act, you can bet up to your entire stack.

Other FAQ's

If another player with a larger stack pushes all-in, can I call even if I do not have as many chips as he does?

Yes! However, all you can win from his stack is the amount that you currently have in your own stack. Example. Opponent pushes all-in with 250, and you call with your $200. The most you can win from his stack is $200. If you win the pot, you will have $400 chips and he will get his "change" back, so to speak, of $50.

What happens if I go all in early in the hand and am called by several larger stacks?

In this case, you are out of the betting action and a side pot is created for the remaining players who are still active. You do not show your cards until showdown. If you have the best hand, you will win the amount of your stack from each of the players who called your all-in. The rest of the pot, or "side pot" is awarded to the best hand between the players who contested for it after you were out of the action. Obviously, if one of the other players has the best hand at showdown, he wins the main pot and the side pot.