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Texas Holdem Hand Probabilities

So now that you know to wait on good hands, here is a list of your probabilities of being dealt some of those good hands. If nothing more, the notes below should impress upon us how infrequent good hands actually come along, and the importance to maximize our wins when we do get them!

Preflop Odds

Odds against being dealt a pocket pair - 16:1

Odds against being dealt AA or any specific pocket pair - 220:1

Odds against being dealt AK suited - 330:1

Odds against being dealt AK unsuited - 110:1

Odds against being dealt any 2 suited cards - 3.25:1

Odds against being dealt two suited and connected cards - 27:1

Odds against being dealt at least one Ace - 5.7:1

Odds on the flop and beyond

Odds against flopping a set, boat or quads when holding a pocket pair - 7.5:1

Odds against flopping a straight when holding connected cards (4,5 through 10,J) - 76:1

Odds against flopping a flush - 118:1

Odds against flopping a four flush when holding two suited cards - 6.4:1

Odds against pairing one of your hole cards on the flop - 3:1

These odds are rough estimates, but are more or less close enough for one to determine whether not the pot has enough in it to justify calling. Check our pot odds section for more details on this. Also, consider purchasing Ken Warren's Winners Guide to Texas Hold'em, as it contains an extensive probability section breaking down every hand and scenario imaginable.