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Texas Holdem Betting Structure

Most Hold'em games are spread as limit games. There are fixed blind bets and fixed limits of how much each bet or raise can be. What limit you play is a very important decision to be made based on the size of your bankroll.

Limits Explained

When you view a table in an online poker room, or view the list of tables for a real casino, you will see the limits of betting for each table. These are expressed by two numbers separated by a forward slash. A limit of "10/20" would be an easy example. The first number represents the lower limit. During the first two rounds of betting, this lower limit is used. In other words, each bet or raise would be $10. Then on the final two rounds of betting, the turn and river, the higher limit is used and the betting amounts must be $20.


As explained in the Rules of Texas Hold'em section, there is a small and big blind. The big blind is usually equal to the lower betting limit, and the small blind around half of the big blind. To use our example of 10/20 limit Hold'em, the big blind would be $10 and the small blind $5.