Rakeback – Important for Low Limit Players

Sometimes poker players ask me whether they should play with rakeback or not. That question is very easily answered, and the answer is a loud and clear: YES! When you play with rakeback you will get money back from every pot you are in, but if you play without it, you miss out on free money. It doesn’t matter if you play high stakes or low limit poker, you always have to pay rake and with rakeback you will get some of that money refunded. How could that be a bad thing? This is something that most poker players understand, and the ones that earn their living from poker usually sign up with a good rakeback offer.

However, the players that would benefit the most from poker rakeback are the ones that most often don’t play with it. This group of players are the ones that play in the low and mid-limit games. But if everyone should play with rakeback, how can one specific group benefit more than another? I’ll try to explain why.

Before we go into discussions about rakeback we have to take a look at the rake conditions poker rooms usually apply. The standard rake is 5 percent of the total pot. If a pot is $5 the rake becomes $0.25 (5 x 0.5 = 0.25). The rake is usually capped at around $3, so no matter how big the pot becomes, the rake is never higher than 3 dollars.

With this in mind let’s take a look how the rake conditions affect the rake and rakeback at certain limits. When a high-stakes player wins a $1000 pot, the rake is capped, and he pays $3 to the house and wins $1997. When a player at $2/$4 limit Hold’em wins a $60 pot the rake is also capped (60 x 0.05 = 3). You can see that these two players pay exactly the same amount in rake, but there is a major difference that poker players should bear in mind. The high stakes player actually pays less rake in relation to the size of the pot. For him the rake is only 0.03% (3 / 1000 = 0.003). The player who won the $60 pot has to pay the full 5% in rake (60 x 0.05 = 3). Therefore the rake has a lot more impact on the low limit player’s overall winnings.

Even though all players earn free money when playing with rakeback, it is far more important at the lower limits. If you are playing poker without rakeback, I strongly recommend that you look for an affiliate that offers you a good rake back deal and sign up.

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Below you find some of the current rakeback deals and their percentages:

1. Full Tilt Poker Rakeback 27%
2. Cake Poker Rakeback 33%
3. Pacific Poker Rakeback 25%
4. Carbon Poker Rakeback 30%
5. Ultimate Bet Rakeback 30%