New Poker Tracking/Analysis Tool


One of the most important pieces of winning poker play is being able to critique your own game. Online, that's become really easy for us, ever since the Poker Tracker program was invented. There's a new program on the block called Poker Buddy, and it appears to have some really nice features that might inject some competition in a field that has long been a one horse race.

Poker Buddy installs fast, and is far easier to use than any of its predecessors. There is a live help function if you do have questions or issues getting things going. I've always been a fan of companies that support their products, and a live help feature is a wonderful addition, even if the program is simple enough that you won't need much help.

What do you get? The standard package of stats such as preflop aggression, VP$IP, win percentage at showdown, etc., is all there. There are good number of other tools that make this application very handy though. These include graphs, bankroll management, and even a calendar that works much like the calendar on a nice PDA. It'll make it easy to keep up with "can't miss events" at the poker sites you frequent.

I could ramble on, but let me direct you to their online demo. If you like what you see, you can download and test the program with up to 2000 hands. They're still officially in beta, and I didn't see pricing info, but I suspect it'll be in line with other programs like PT.

Until next time, best of luck at the tables!

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