Preflop Odds Calculator


The good folks at PreFlop Advantage sent over a copy of their odds calculator to review this past week. It was a very interesting device to say the least, especially for a number crunching geek like myself. Batteries were included, so I was able to get it up and running as soon as I ripped it out of the packaging.

I don't want to bore you, so let's get down to the brass tacks. The calculator was easy to use, and the calculations were instant. The calculator lets you punch in your two hole cards, suited or unsuited and select the total number of players at the table. The readout displays the hand's ranking out of 169 hands, and the preflop win percentage.

How can this handheld pocket card odds calculator help you? In my opinion it's strengths are two-fold. First, it will help players with one of our greatest weaknesses; adjusting our hand values based on total number of players at the table. At most of the sites I play, the other seats are filled one moment and emptied the next, so being able to view hand strength ratings with the number of players at the table in mind, is a big plus. The second function I can see is for students of the game (and if you're a winning player, you're a student of the game!) - This is another tool that we can tinker with while not playing, to study and think about the game. It's my humble opinion that the biggest growth in our poker playing educations are not made in the heat of the moment at the poker table, but rather with our noses buried in our hand histories, number crunchers, etc.

You'll spend more taking your wife out to dinner, so the price isn't bad. If you (or the developers) made a little insert that helped put the different winning percentages into perspective, I think it could be very helpful while playing online poker. Even if you never used it while actively playing, you should get your money's worth just playing with it and learning about hand values, relative to table size and suited vs. unsuited comparisons.

You can get your own at PreFlopAdvantage.Com

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