Large vs. Small Poker Rooms


We tend to get a lot of emails and such from poker rooms all over asking for promotional space on our site, and I do try to look at each one critically to see if it is worth playing. By doing so, I've found that there is a lot of value to be had in the smaller poker sites out there.

One example is pitbullpoker. They offered our forum a freeroll and add on buyin this past month, which we graciously accepted. I put some chips there and begin browsing their games, and to be honest there wasn't a lot of tables open. During prime time hours they'll have a hundred or so players on. However the tables they did have were super loose. They had active NLHE tables up through $5 big blinds when I was on. I went over to their tourney section and found a couple of guarantee tourneys. One was a $300 guarantee for an $11 buyin, and only 3 people were registered with less than ten minutes till start! I jumped in, and the tourney began with 12 players. Basically I was playing a sit n go with a $300 prize pool that on other sites would have cost me roughly $30+3 to join. I won the thing, turning my $11 investment into a $150 payoff.

What's my point? Big sites are great and have games around the clock, but if you have extra chips, it's not a bad idea to explore some of these smaller sites. They're competing so hard to pick up players from the large sites that you'll often find great tournament values and bonuses. Want some examples?

Pitbull has both a no deposit bonus and an instant bonus. These are both pretty rare nowadays. Another smaller site, Mansion Poker has a $100,000 guarantee each day with very few players joining. Take a look around folks. There's more poker to be played out there than Party and Full Tilt.

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