How to fund your online poker account?


Since cleaning out my Neteller account back in January, thanks to some friends in the UK, I have opened two new e-wallet accounts. I'll describe my experiences below, for those of you looking for a new method to deposit money to poker sites.

Epassporte is the simplest and most widely used e-wallet now. Practically every major poker room has Epassporte listed as a deposit and withdrawal method. These sites include Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt, and Poker Stars.

Depositing through Epassporte was a cinch. I created my Epassporte account, loaded money to it using my bank issued visa debit card, and then deposited to Absolute Poker. The entire process took about 15 minutes. Most visa debit cards will work for you, loading your Epass account, as Epassporte is not considered to be a gambling site by most banks.

Withdrawing takes a bit more effort. You have to verify your bank account, by Epassporte sending a couple of small amounts to your bank. I signed up during a very busy period, and this took about 10 days to hit my bank so I could verify. After verifying, I found the maximum daily withdrawal from Epass to my bank is $300. If you want to withdraw a large amount, it can take several days. I opted to purchase the physical visa card, called the Electron Card for $35. This arrived in about 10 days as well, and using it, I can withdraw $600 per day from just about any ATM. Between withdrawals to my bank and the ATM card, I can get $900 per day, so pretty much...problem solved.

MyWebATM is another new ewallet, and it only used at Full Tilt Poker. It is almost exactly like Epassporte, except faster service and no withdrawal caps from the ewallet account to my bank account. They also mail you a physical card and you can withdraw $500 per day from an ATM. This is definitely the best method if the only room you play is Full Tilt. It will take you about a week to get the small deposits for verification and your first EFT from your bank to MyWebATM (though I hear they're getting much faster!).

Other Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: There are quite a few safe and simple deposit methods at just about every poker site, besides the ones I've discussed above. Some sites use Western Union and pick up the fees. There are prepaid phone cards and more prepaid debit cards opening up. Depositing is just a matter of checking the cashier options and picking one your like. Many of them will have you playing poker in minutes. Finally, on withdrawals, most every site will allow a paper check withdrawal. Though they quote lengthy times, I've got checks from Poker Stars and Absolute Poker, and received both within a week of cashout.

There is LIFE after Neteller!

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