Funding your Online Poker Account

Funding your poker account can be frustrating for a player just starting out in online poker. Almost all United States issued credit cards will deny deposits to online poker rooms. Never fear, there are many other funding options that are easier and better than getting socked with credit card cash advance charges!


The best option for funding an online poker account, especially for United States residents is Neteller. Neteller acts as an online bank of sorts for poker players. Simply go to, and sign up. Registration is free.

After signing up you will need to certify your bank account and transfer money from your bank account to your Neteller account. A basic transfer from your bank to Neteller is free. If you're impatient and want to do an instant cash transfer, you will pay an 8.9% fee. Depositing to and withdrawing from poker rooms is absolutely free. It also costs nothing to withdraw from your Neteller account back into your bank account. If you are an International user, there are a few more fees involved as of the date of this writing. Customer Service at Neteller is one of their strong points, and a simple phone call or chat with an online representative can answer any questions that their website cannot.

Other Options

There are many other payment options available at various poker rooms including cashiers checks, wiring money, even Paypal. The poker rooms want your business and have gone out of their way to make it easy to get your bankroll deposited into your account. To view other options for funding your poker account, sign up a "play money" account at the poker room in question and just click the "cashier" button and select "deposit." You will see a myriad of methods and detailed directions for each.