Choosing a Poker Room

In brick and mortar casinos, professional poker players will tell you that half the battle is finding a profitable table. In the online poker community this is also very important. In your quest to find a profitable poker environment, your search should start with the poker room itself. Every poker room has differences in games that are spread, as well as quality of opponents. It is the job of the intelligent poker player to locate the online poker room and tables that offer the best money making potential.

Game Selection

The first thing you need to determine is whether or not they spread your favorite game. It's not enough to simply know that Party Poker has Texas Hold'em, if your best game is short handed, no limit, high stakes Texas Hold'em! Make sure the online poker room spreads your game.

Player Population

The second variable to look for in choosing where to deposit your bankroll, is player population. Overall player population is important, but not nearly as important as population for your particular game. Just because one particular site has 15,000 players on during prime time does not mean it has the best population for Hold'em single table tournaments. Look beyond the overall population and look for number of tables and activity on the tables of your preferred game.

Player Quality

Next, watch the games and read our poker reviews on the overall quality of players that frequent the site you have in mind. The quality of players will vary based on many different factors, including how and where the site is advertised, their bonus structure, etc. Whatever the factors involved, you want to find a room with fish, not sharks - even if that means sacrificing a bit on the software quality and features. Your goal is to make money off players who are worse than you, not sit down every night and play against professional and solid amateur poker players.

Room Reputation

After finding a poker room that spreads the game you play, and has plenty of active and loose players, you'll then need to do research regarding that poker rooms reputation. If you stick to rooms listed in our poker reviews section, you can feel quite confident in the integrity and stability of that particular room.

Bonuses and Rakeback

Last but not least, check for comps and poker bonuses. Not only do many rooms offer nice sign up bonuses, but some will offer regular reload bonuses. Sign up bonuses are nice, and are a great way to get a poker bankroll started, however this should not weigh nearly as heavy in your decision as the factors previously listed. Sign up bonuses will evaporate fast against better players.