Bonus Whoring with a Solid Bankroll

If you're here, you should have a bankroll of at least $500. And your first stop should be

At Party you'll receive a 20% to $100 bonus that only requires 500 raked hands to clear. Use the bonus code SIMPLY100 to get this bonus.

After you've cleared the SIMPLY100 bonus at Party, you can then make a 2nd deposit using the IGM-Pay deposit method. This will give you a 20% up to $100 bonus when you us the bonus code IGMPAY. IGM-Pay is similar to Neteller, in that it is a direct withdrawal from your US bank account.

It is almost always a good idea to hit up the bonuses at Party before going anywhere else. The play at these tables is generally considered to be very 'beatable', and the bonuses are reliable and (compared to other rooms) very easy/fast to clear. Always keep an eye on our Reload Bonuses section for reload opportunities at Party and other sites.

Once you've cleared the deposit bonuses at Party there are a few other sites to be whored...

Titan Poker -> 150% up to $500 (exclusive offer through Titan Poker offers new users one of the most lucrative signup bonuses around. You'll need to deposit $335 to max out this bonus, which clears relatively quickly when you play at least $1/2.

Ultimate Bet -> 100% up to $650. Deposit $650 for max bonus. Ultimate Bet is a veteran in the online poker industry, and they have some of the best software and customer service out there. They offer somewhat frequent reload bonuses, and though their bonuses are somewhat tough to clear, there are a few tips we can give you to make this process a bit easier. First of all, you need to be playing $1/2 or higher. This will drastically increase your bonus release rate. Secondly, whenver possible, be one of the first two people to sit at the table! This will double your bonus release rate! -> 40% up to $200. Deposit $500 for max bonus. To clear this bonus, you'll need to earn 7 player points for every $1 in bonus (or 1400 player points). You'll earn 1 point for every raked hand where the rake was $1.00 or more. You get 0.5 points for every raked real money hand where the rake was less than $1.00 (but more than $0.50). You do not have to pay rake to earn points, you just need to be dealt cards. If you are sitting out you will not earn any points. You really need to be playing at least $1/2 for this bonus, and moving up to $2/4 (assuming you've got the bankrolll to be able to do so safely) will more than double your clearing rate.