Whoring on a Budget

When starting off with bonus whoring, the key is to not waste any of the signup bonuses available. For example, with Empire Poker, the max bonus is $100 - but you'll only get this amount if you deposit $500! If you deposit less than $500 on your first deposit, you're basically throwing money away!

Keeping that in mind, where should you start? If you've got less than $100, hit up the No Deposit Bonuses. These include DreamPoker.com and Crazy Poker. Each of these rooms will give you $10 free when you signup, along with their regular first deposit bonus! With a minimum deposit of $100, you're off and running. So, if you play break-even poker, you'll have enough of a bankroll to get started at the Cryptologic sites. These include Interpoker, William Hill, Poker Plex, and Caribbean Sun - they all have bonuses that can be maxed out with just a $100 deposit. They're ordered below by largest to smallest bonus.

InterPoker - $90 for $90 deposit (requires 450 raked hands to clear).
PokerPlex - $50 bonus (requires 300 raked hands to clear).
Caribbean Sun - $50 + $100 monthly bonus (requires 500 hands to clear). ** +30-34% rakeback!
William Hill - $25 bonus (requires 5 hours of play to clear).

After clearing some or all of those bonuses, you should be over $200 - which is the minimum you'll need to be able to proceed on to the next poker rooms. Hopefully you've read the Texas Holdem Strategy section of this site and have a little bit of playing profit as well! But if at any time you drop down below the minimum level you need for the next bonus, you can always go back to the Cryptologic sites - their bonuses are available every month!

Paradise Poker

Paradise is really one of the better poker rooms out there. They've suffered a bit trying to compete with the big boys of poker (i.e. the Party Poker skins), but their software, support, security and speed of gameplay are all superb. The bonus opporunity here is 25% up to $50 - so you'll need to deposit $200 to max out the bonus. For each raked hand (minimum rake of $0.25) you play in, you will receive 1 point. Once you accumulate 100 points, they'll move $10 from your Pending Bonus Credit account to your cash account. This shouldn't take too long to clear playing 1/2 and above.

Pacific Poker

Assuming your bankroll is up to $400 at this point, Pacific Poker should be your next stop. They offer a 25% up to $100 signup bonus, so you'll need to deposit $400 to get the max bonus. One of the main detriments to playing at Pacific is their software. You'll only be able to play at one table at a time, so it could take a little while to clear this bonus. If you're a multi-tabler, we highly recommend that you play at another room while earning this bonus!

Hopefully, at this point you've got at least $500, in which case you should move on to the Whoring with a Solid Bankroll section. If, however, the tables haven't been kind, you'll need to go back and hit up the Cryptologic sites until you can get above that magic number, or at least really close to it.