Getting Started

The goal of this guide is to get you going as quickly as possible. However, there are a few things you need to take care of prior to jumping in and starting to play poker and releasing bonuses.

Step 1

Open up a Neteller account ( You'll need to verify a banking account with them. This process can take up to 4-5 days, so plan ahead! Once you've got your bank account verified, you'll be able to make deposits into your Neteller account from it.

Step 2

Sign up for Poker Stars. That's right - there's no signup bonus at this room, so what gives? Well, Poker Stars is one of the better rooms to clear bonuses at, but they only offer reload bonuses and a very rare signup bonus. So, sign up for Poker Stars now, so that you'll get their reload bonus offers when they're available.

Now, on to the whoring...

The optimal starting bankroll for this guide is $200 or more. If you're trying to get started without making a deposit of your own, check out the No Deposit Bonuses section. Once you're up to a $200 bankroll, come back and start your bonus whoring adventures! ;)

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